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In a Kingdom of Birds


By Ken Fontenot



By Robert B. Shaw

Fall of '33


By Gary L. Entsminger & Susan E. Elliott

April 3, 2014, Now Available:
“... direct and fierce ... Floating Heart draws from the reservoir of memory re-lived and re-suffered. Unsparing and searching, shining with lucidity, attentive to the anguish of history and the intimacies of singular lives ... pinpoint precise.”—LEE UPTON
“Part fable, more than a dash of grit, always sane and wryly out there, these poems astonish, refiguring world and its grief in exact startling ways...”—MARIANNE BORUCH
April 7, 2014, A Word’s Worth Review:
... poems rendered with the exactness of memory, dark humor, and a particular aptness when Friebert describes the changeability of ‘the floating heart.’ ...”
Everything Barren will be Blessed


By Don Thompson

Previous Issues


May 2013

September 20, 2013, Now Available:
Intimacies & Other Devices by Kurt Heinzelman
“Ballads whose diction ranges from ‘wont’ and ‘my lady’ to ‘giddyup’ ... free-ranging adaptations of Horace, Neruda, and Eluard ... wildly imaginative and very, very sexy.”—ELLEN DORÉ WATSON
September 29, 2013 A Word’s Worth Review: ... poetry written by an “intellectual romantic”–his poems range from classical and contemporary emotive poetry to ballads that are adaptations of Paul Verlaine, Pablo Neruda, Homer, and others.

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Spilled Milk
September, 2013 Now Available:
Featuring Cold Earth Wanderers by Neil Harrison
and Poems by Luci Shaw, Robert B. Shaw, & Michael Miller
April, 2014, Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest Winner:
The 3rd Setouchi Matsuyama drew haikuists from 33 countries to describe the ocean scenes filmed Ehime Prefecture by acclaimed photographer Seiichi Morimura.  Gary took a unique approach ...

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Spilled Milk

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Spilled Milk
Path of Lightning
April, 2014, Poetry Readings & Workshops:
April 8: Reading at Waldorf College, College City, Iowa.  7:00 p.m. in the Louise V. Hanson Library lounge. Get More Info
April 18: Reading at The Writers Place, Kansas City, Missouri. 7:00-8:00 p.m. Get More Info


By Barbara Schmitz

The Wilderness Poetry of Wu Xing


By Peter Waldor

April, 2014, Yeats Poetry Prize Winner:
Miller won 1st Place for his poem, “The Different War” (which was also a finalist for the T.S. Eliot Prize.” Awarded by the Yeats Society, Judge Jessica Greenbaum said: “The internalization of war superimposes itself on the physical gestures of this veteran’s daily life, so that while lifting his son from the sandbox he replays his rescue of a war buddy ...”

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Spilled Milk
April 19: Prose Poem or Flash Fiction Workshop at The Writers Place, Kansas City, Missouri. 10:00-12:00 a.m. Get More Info
April 26: Presenting at The Nebraska Book Festival, Omaha, Nebraska at the Univ of NE Omaha Thompson Center. 10:00-12:00 a.m. Get More Info
April 15, 2014, Now Available:
The poems in Time’s Body show Stuart’s wide range of subjects: from baseball to quantum physics, the American southwest to New Zealand, Paul Cézanne to George Herbert. The suggestion of a Chinese influence, pervasive in Greenbrier Forest, appears here in compressed lyrics. There is also his psychological insight, delight in language and dreams, and his trademark formal variety.
Magical, Fantastical, Alphabetical Soup


By Chuck Taylor

Time's Body
Widow Zion


By Perle Besserman

“Dabney Stuart’s poems are remarkable for their unforced intimacy, the ease by which they draw the reader into their ongoing drama of consciousness. Time’s Body appears well along in this poet’s distinguished career, but it is filled with seminal energy, with the excitement, page by page, of new beginnings.”—ROBERT B. SHAW
March 27, 2014 A Word’s Worth Review: Time's Body is the work of a mature voice, resonating with both eloquence and humor. It is a voice filled with formal seriousness and unhurried playfulness, not wholly committed to the canons of intellectualism or confessionalism—the voice of an aging troubadour who quotes Andre' Vierre in the preliminary pages of the book: "Nothing's going to grow if it's not there. ...

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Spilled Milk
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