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April 7, 2015, Master Artist Award:
Eight Nebraska writers were honored this year as recipients of the Nebraska Art Council’s 2015 Individual Artist Fellowship (IAF) award in Literature. The IAF program recognizes exemplary work by Nebraska artists on a three-year rotation between artistic disciplines: Literature, Performing Arts/Filmmaking and Visual Arts. Poet and professor, Paul Dickey, won the highest honor.
Time's Body


By Dabney Stuart

Windows: Letters to Ayla


By Jean Zipp


By John N. Miller

In Passing


By Michael Miller

July 24, 2015, Winner of the Ohioana Book Award:
The Ohioana Library Association selected Floating Heart as the best book of poetry in Ohio. Established in 1942, the annual award honors Ohio authors. Awards will be presented at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus on October 9, 2015.
Previous Issues


June 2014

May 14, 2015, A Word’s Worth Review: “This issue of Pinyon Review is a keeper and represents the best of art and poetry. You may want to frame Susan's cover.” Read the Review
May 5, 2015, Now Available: Pinyon Review Spring Issue
Poems by Francine Marie Tolf, Don Mager, John N. Miller, A. J. Huffman, Michael Miller, Changming Yuan, Ian C. Smith, Gary Lee Entsminger, Claire T. Field, Diane M. Moore, James Valvis, Britny Cordera, Jean Zipp, Luci Shaw, Ken Fontenot, & Gabriella Belfiglio. Fiction by Neil Harrison. Book Review by Jack Starr. Art by Jay Friedenberg & David H. L. Burton
June 2015, Review by Laurel Johnson for Midwest Book Review: “... rich with imagery I found comforting, enticing, and unflinching as he gently guides us from Bach to bird songs, from ancient visions to modern psalms. The poems are lyrical and enlightening, the kind you’ll want to reread whenever life turns harsh and dark.” Read the Review
April 8, 2015, A Word’s Worth Review: “tantamount vision—the possibility of humans being elevated to joy in life while living in a complex, mechanized society.” Read the Review
April 2, 2015, Now Available: Two Miles West by Gary Lee Entsminger
Imagination, memory, and dream entwine to create voices that leap metaphysical boundaries.


September 2014

November 1, 2015, A Word’s Worth Review:
“Most of the lyrics in this volume express the entirety of the poet’s sensitive life through spiritual musings in which the reader should not fear abstractions or ornamentation.” Read the Review
October 26, 2015, Now Available:
“Deep spiritual longing and inquiry—a lyricism that’s intuitively right, a vision that’s the steady but bemused gaze of intelligence.”—Dennis Schmitz
“These deeply gentle poems read us as much as we read them.”—Jean Valentine
“A poetic record of a spiritual journey that unfolds in a lush panorama.”—Bruce Weigl
A Listening Life


By Tracy Balzer

November 5, 2015, Now Available:
Poems by Eva Olsgard, Diane-Marie Blinn, Dabney Stuart, Michael Miller, Jay Friedenberg, Mark J. Mitchell, Jim Bohen, Diana Woodcock, Peggy Aylsworth, Diane M. Moore, Diane Vreuls, Gary Lee Entsminger, Jean Zipp, Simon Perchik, Grace Bauer, Neil Harrison, Sean Lause, and Robert B. Shaw.
Book Review by Jack Starr.     Art by Jay Friedenberg


By Britny Cordera

April 4, 2016 Meringoff Award for Poetry:
Robert B. Shaw, Author of Aromatics
The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers has selected Robert B. Shaw’s poem “Ferrrying” as co-winner of the Meringoff Award for Poetry. “Ferrying” will be printed in the journal, Literary Imagination, and it will appear in Shaw’s forthcoming book with Pinyon A Late Spring, And After.
Just a Trace of Moon


By Ken Fontenot

Only the One Sky
April 6, 2016, Now Available:
Stuart creates a timeless world through dialogs with an old poet, whom we see as he muses in forests, along the river, or as a poet come through time, perhaps from the Tang Dynasty of eighth-century China, where friendship was a key of poetry.
“Stuart presents the world’s flux meditatively, without judgment, in startling and lovely equivalences. Tracing time in wind, wingbeat, traveling cloud; longing in shadow and a bird’s cry.”—Lisa Sandlin, author of You Who Make the Sky Bend
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