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Poems by Michael Miller

“I read Michael Miller’s poems with great pleasure in their accurate seeing, their assured phrasing, their true and proportionate feeling.”

—Richard Wilbur

Michael Miller’s poems are finely tuned meditations on nature, war, and growing old. The recurring theme of love, the cycles of light and darkness, of fear and hope, echo from poem to poem. He continues to show in another insightful book his mastery of the human voice and heart.

She remembered the birds singing

In Greek, the plane trees with

Asymmetrical windows opened wide

Between their bare branches,

The secrets she looked for in

Her father’s beard.


from “Virginia”

MICHAEL MILLER has published nine collections of poems, the most recent of which is Waking In The Dark. His first book The Joyful Dark, was the Editor’s Choice winner of The McGovern Prize at Ashland Poetry Press. His poems have appeared in The Kenyon Review, The Sewanee Review, The New Republic, The American Scholar, Ontario Review, The Southern Review, Raritan, and The Yale Review. His poem, “The Different War,” was the 2014 First Prize Winner of the W.B. Yeats Society Poetry Award and was anthologized in Yeats 150 (Lilliput Press, Dublin). Born in 1940, Michael Miller lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.


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Into This World (2013): Finely tuned meditations on war, nature, friends, love; cycles of light and dark, fear and hope. One must climb to get to the light; certainty is uncertain.

“No other poet I know writes so beautifully about seasoned love. His poems value clarity, understatement, love in the context of its turbulence, and the accuracy of each detail.”—Stephen Haven

(6"x9" paperback, 88 pages, ISBN: 978-1-936671-14-4, $16.00).

Lifelines (2014): Michael Miller continues to show his mastery of the human voice and heart, “the known leading to the unknown.”

(6"x9" paperback, 80 pages, ISBN: 978-1-936671-26-7, $16.00).

Drawing by Susan Entsminger

In the Mirror (2016): “These poems focus on the intricacies of love, family, self-awareness, and the cracks between dreams and waking life. In his percipient long poem, “A Woman Alone,” he leads us into the depths of an imaginative ninety-year-old woman as she reflects and comes to terms with her life. ”—Gary Entsminger

(6"x9" paperback, 80 pages, ISBN: 978-1-936671-39-7, $16.00).

Waking in the Dark (2019): Michael Miller’s poems focus on the intimacies and complexities of love, family, waking life, and “the space between dreams.” He continues to show in another insightful book his mastery of the human voice and heart.

(6"x9" paperback, 80 pages, ISBN: 978-1-936671-39-7, $16.00).