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Number 10: November 2016
Featuring Poems by:  
Tim Suermondt & Martin Willitts Jr.
Poems by:
Francine Marie Tolf, Michael Miller, Lyn Lifshin, Diane M. Moore, Luci Shaw, Gary Lee Entsminger, John Harn, Gary Hotham, Jean Zipp, Betsy Fogelman Tighe, Tobi Alfier, Judith Rypma, William Derge, and Juanita Rey
Sea Quilt by Susan Elliott,
Where Was I?—for Tom Martinez by Gary Entsminger & Susan Elliott
Full Color, 66 pages, 7”x10”, $15.00

We consider fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art.
No simultaneous submissions or previously published works.
Submissions are ongoing year-round for Spring and Fall issues. We generally review and notify within 4-6 weeks.
Before submitting, we strongly encourage ordering a copy of the journal to better understand the quality and diversity of the work we publish.
Email submissions and queries to:
Mail submissions to: Pinyon Review Submissions, 23847 V66 Trail, Montrose CO 81403

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Editor: Gary Lee Entsminger
Managing Editor: Susan Elliott
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The Snow Guardian, 2nd prize winner in the Film4Climate Competition, features billy barr—charismatic mountain man who has monitored daily weather patterns for 43 years—in his free time. Snowbound for 9 months of the year, see what this refreshing, gentle soul shares about life and nature.

Set in the same locale as this Pinyon Review cover (East River Valley, Gothic, CO, 9600 feet), we invite you to watch the 5-minute video:      And check out billy’s weather website: