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Pinyon Review Celebrating the Arts & Sciences
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Number 13: June 2018
MOONS by Steve Friebert
PHOTOGRAPHS by Rob Walton & Sharon Johnson
POETRY by Steve Friebert, Edward Friebert Jr., Gary Lee Entsminger, Rebekah Bloyd, Debra Bacharach, Charles Cantrell, Neil Harrison, Ute von Funcke, Stuart Friebert, John N. Miller, Bruce Lader, Edward J. Rielly, Susan Entsminger, John Abbott, Ed Meek, Diane M. Moore, & Michael Miller
FROZEN DREAMS, Art by Fabrice Poussin
MORE YESTERDAYS, Story by Thomas Elson
Full Color, 66 pages, 7”x10.75”, $15.00

We consider fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art.
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Editor: Gary Lee Entsminger
Managing Editor: Susan Entsminger
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