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by Britny Cordera

Wingmakers combines Britny Cordera’s lyric and prose poems with David Burton’s illustrations to create an imaginative world of animal lore. Through the eyes of the muse, Urania, and the creatures of the air embodied within the constellations—dove, owl, dragon, thunderbird, phoenix, and others—each poem relates stories and invokes the wisdom of our mythological pasts. The animals in Cordera’s constellations share the wonders, frailties, and concerns of humans, as in the title poem

… Unhurried / wings understand; waiting is letting / world's lost answers come to you.

The final section of the book contains narrative accompaniments and conversational explorations of the key elements of the myths, with examples of how they connect throughout cultures: Ancient Greece, Greco-Roman, Norse, Ukrainian, North American Indian, Aztec, Vedic, and others.

Grus the Crane—In Asian myth and art, you stand as a symbol of the one who has passed the test of time. Forever, you have been the ferry of souls as they ride on your back to the heavens.

This enchanting book of poetry, poetic prose, and art invites you to view the constellations and our human life from new perspectives.

BRITNY CORDERA studies creative writing and religious studies at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. She has been published in the university’s 13th Floor literary magazine and featured in the Women for Women international publication, Forget Me Not. Known locally as the Old Market Poet, Britny writes impromptu poems on a typewriter in Omaha’s Old Market district. She has recently been interviewed in The Omaha World-Herald. britnycordera.com
Born and raised in New York City, DAVID H. L. BURTON studies graphic arts and digital illustration. He has passionately pursued illustration for 15 years and continues to dip his hand in a variety of mediums to liberate his artistic potential.
February 27, 2014, A Word’s Worth Review: “... Cordera's descriptions of plants and creatures combine earthbound lines with lofty lyrics that raise thought to the heights attained by Greek poets—even the lowly tumbleweed gets graceful press ... This volume of poetry, a lyrical recreation of the cosmos in celestial and earthly form, will delight those who appreciate the heights to which Urania can lift human thought and spirit when invoked by an author who understands the mythology of ancient times and the constellations of the heavens.Read the Full Review


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