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Number 17: Spring 2020
Poems by Annette Barnes, Robert Beveridge, Craig Cotter, Holly Day, Stuart Friebert, John Grey, Mark Jackley, Zhimin Liu, Pawel Markiewicz, Mark J. Mitchell, Frederick Pollack, Edward J. Rielly, Luci Shaw, John Tustin, Frederick Wilbur, and Lee Clark Zumpe
Prose: Excerpt from Portbou, A Catalan Memoir by Marie Mercè Roca translated by Sonia Alland
Art: Seascapes by Liz Meer; Too Close by Annette Barnes; When Time Stands Still by Fabrice Poussin
Full Color, 64 pages, 5.5” x 8”, $20

We consider fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art.
No simultaneous submissions or previously published works.

Submissions are ongoing year-round for Spring and Fall issues. We generally review and notify within 4-6 weeks.
Before submitting, we strongly encourage ordering a copy of the journal to better understand the quality and diversity of the work we publish.

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Readings by contributors John Grey, Luci Shaw, and Frederick Wilbur