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Susan Entsminger
Fall 2020 Pinyon Review: Limited Edition, Hand-Sewn
Number 18: Fall 2020
Poems by Martha McFerren, Susie Gharib, John McKernan, Mark J. Mitchell, Matthew Feeney, Luci Shaw, James Croal Jackson, Tom Montag, Chuck Taylor, Paul Dickey, Kurt Heinzelman, Neil Harrison, Simon Perchik, and Bruce Morton.
Poems in Translation, side-by-side with Originals by: Marie Mercè Roca translated from the Catalan by Sonia Alland, XIA Haitao translated from the Chinese by YIN Xiaoyuan, and Paulo Oliveira Ramos translated from the Portuguese by the author.
Art: Lessons in Recursion by Richard K. Kent; Additional Photography by Liz Meer, Paulo Oliveira Ramos, and XIA Haitao
Full Color, 70 pages, 8” x 5.5”, $20
This issue is generously supported by friends from Oregon.
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$6 Domestic
$10 International

Pinyon Review #18 ~ Gallery

From the Editorial:

We dedicate this windswept whirling dervish dream of ponies, aspen leaves, and oracles; of swinging scythes of light and cloud-kissed caresses,

to Stuart Friebert

who first delighted Pinyon pages in 2014 with his book of poetry, Floating Heart. Stuart united people through poetry and translation; through his intelligence, creativity, and kindness. Through Stuart, more fine writers, languages, and art danced onto our pages. And the ripple continues from that lotus leaf brushed by the breeze.