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Pinyon Review
printed in-cabin on sustainable paper, pressed, hand-sewn,

Hemp Heritage Paper

100% sustainable, archival, made in the USA

Smooth-textured with natural specks from the hemp and recycled paper content.


Before sewing, we press pages and cover stock in a family press.

Susan’s father bought the press at a flea market in Munich during the summer of ‘69, while he was living and teaching in Italy and Germany. The press caught his eye for pressing plants like his grandfather ... So he balanced it on the handle bars of his bicycle to bring it to his temporary home and eventually back to California.

He later gifted it to botanist and bookmakers Susan and Gary Entsminger in Colorado.


On winter nights with music playing and dreams twinkling in the sky,

we punch holes with a bookbinder’s awl

and sew the pages and cover together with linen thread reinforced with beeswax.


We are happy to present this beautiful edition to you.

Ready to ship in eco-friendly envelopes also made in Colorado.

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Mohawk Loop Paper

Forest Stewardship Council certified, 100% post-consumer waste

wind-powered, carbon neutral, milled in New York

Vellum texture and heavier weight, bright printing and an enduring feel in the fingers.

Inviting you to turn pages slowly, to read and contemplate with strength and ease.

With contributions from around the world,
this issue is dedicated to poet, translator, and friend—Stuart Friebert
Printed in-cabin on sustainable paper, cut, drilled,
and sewn with a Japanese stab binding


Covers printed then cut. Interiors cut then printed.

Cover Art

Photograph “Mount Tai” by XIA Haitao, Text Designed by YIN Xiaoyuan

Book Block

Interior text blocks printed and assembled together with covers.

Seaside art on title page and throughout the issue by Liz Meer.

Japanese Hand Drill

The smooth clean action of the hand drill bores 2-mm holes through the book block.

Drilling through a few pages at a time, requiring ultra precision to keep pages aligned,

this stage of the process requires great time and concentration.

Japanese Stab Binding

Finally, the books are bound in a traditional 4-hole design

Sewn with Irish linen thread

reinforced with raw beeswax from the Midwestern U.S.

supplied by the best candle factory in the world just up the road here in Colorado: BlueCorn Beeswax

From Our Little Cabin to Yours

Om. Peace ! Peace ! Peace !

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