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Using the Art of Memory to remember Jesus’ parables

By Gary Lee Entsminger & Susan Elizabeth Elliott

The Art of Memory has been used for mental and spiritual training by ancient orators (e.g., Cicero), Christian figures (e.g., Thomas Aquinas), and modern practitioners (e.g., Dominic O’Brien) since before the time of Christ. This powerful memory technique can also be used to remember other kinds of information (lists, speeches, important dates, etc.). At its essence, the Art of Memory involves placing symbolic images at designated locations along a journey.


Remembering the Parables contains:

GARY L. ENTSMINGER is a writer, naturalist, computer programmer, and poet. He has written a novel, nine programming books, over 100 scientific and technical articles, and computer software that helps scientists understand patterns of biodiversity.

SUSAN E. ELLIOTT is a writer, ecologist, and artist. She studied botany and French at Humboldt State University and has a Ph.D. in biology from Dartmouth College. Remembering the Parables hosts her first exhibition of black and white watercolors.

Jesus taught in figurative language. He compared the kingdom of heaven to leaven. He indicated how people should live in the kingdom by telling vivid and sometimes puzzling parables. Some of these parables suggest reversals of expectations. Very small things, like mustard seeds, can grow into majestic and great products. All of the parables consist of tangible and vivid images. These images make them memorable.


By learning Jesus’ parables by heart, you will become acquainted with Jesus’ parables in a deeper way. By practicing the Art of Memory, you will grow to see remembering not as a tiresome and time-consuming task but as a relaxing pleasure. See your memories for what they are—treasures and enduring gifts.




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