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Creative Writing Software

By Ravenshead Services

WriteItNow is the ideal writing software for novice and experienced writers of fiction and non-fiction.


Compatible with Windows 7 and 8 and Mac OSX (10.7+)


Organization is key in WriteItNow:

• Drag chapters, scenes, events, and ideas to new locations

• View character relationships and events in charts

• View who does what, where, and when in the storyline editor

• Visualize layout with the story board and story outline

• Keep everything for each project in a single file


Writing Tools: word count, spell checker, thesaurus, readability, submissions tracker, targets, and more


Import: existing MS Word documents


Export: neatly formatted manuscript as a Word Doc, PDF, EPub, or HTML file


CD includes a comprehensive 300-page PDF manual




I've finally found the software that sorts out the chaos in my brain.FAWN GERMER, Bestselling Author

WriteItNow will enhance, rather than interfere with, the growth of a writer's instincts and skills.JAMIE LANKFORD,Novelist

I intend to recommend WriteItNow to ALL my writing students.ROBB LIGHTFOOT, Lecturer

I wrote my first book in Microsoft Word and it was an organizational nightmare. Now I've got everything in WriteItNow, research notes and all and I'm a much happier person.JULES CARLYSLE, Political Humorist

From first idea to final manuscript - from short stories to full length novels and non-fiction tomes - WriteItNow is the ideal tool for both budding and accomplished authors.LORRAINE COBCROFT, Novelist

MAKING THE MOST OF WRITEITNOW 4 is your key to effective, efficient use of the software.


Top Ten Reviews ranks WriteItNow #1:

“WriteItNow has a sleek, modern interface and intuitive features that make it the best creative writing software program on the market. The level of organization in this writing software goes beyond others in our ranking. It's easy to use and well structured. It can help you to create, organize and connect all of your writing elements to comprise good storytelling.”  Read More.


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Page last updated: November 23, 2018

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