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Inaugural Issue: May 2012
Editorial: The Fool on the HillGary Lee Entsminger
Three PoemsDabney Stuart
Coulter CountryGerald L. Brody
Three PaintingsSusan E. Elliott
Two PoemsKen Fontenot
Two PoemsFrancine Marie Tolf
Book Review: Nine Acres by Nathaniel PerryCy Dillon
Two PoemsDon Thompson
Two PoemsDiane M. Moore
Fractals: The Geometry of Nature—Larry Fogg
Two Poems—Luci Shaw
Heroes and Villains—Jack Starr
$12.00, Full Color, 62 pages, 7”x10”

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Number 2: November 2012
Three Poems—Robert B. Shaw
Windows, Letters to Ayla—Jean Zipp
Chaco Sky Photographs—Stan Honda
One Poem—Neil Harrison
Four Poems—Michael Miller
One Poem—R. T. Castleberry
Two Poems—James Reiss
Book Review: The Broken Flower, by Jeffery Beam—Cy Dillon
Two Poems—Diane M. Moore
Poems—Paul Dickey & Art—Ira Joel Haber

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Number 3: May 2013
Editorial: The Fool on the HillGary Lee Entsminger
Three Poems—Kurt Heinzelman
Fall of ’33: Turtle—Gary L. Entsminger & Susan E. Elliott
Watercolor Baskets—Mary Moran Miller
One Poem—Diane M. Moore
Three Poems—Dabney Stuart
Fire Horse Textiles—Julia K. Walton
Three Poems—Andrew Hudgins
Four Poems—Peter Waldor
Two Poems—Richard Cecil
Six Haiku—Gary Hotham
Three Poems—Chuck Taylor
Full Color, 64 pages, 7”x10”, $12.00

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Number 4: September 2013
One Poem—Luci Shaw
Cold Earth Wanderers—Neil Harrison
Three Poems—Robert B. Shaw
Two Poems—Michael Miller
One Poem—James Reiss
Two Poems—Scott Wiggerman
Four Haiku—Jay Friedenberg
Big Apple Arts—Jay Friedenberg
Three Poems—Jane Hilberry
Wupatki Sky Photographs—Stan Honda
Two Poems—Ken Fontenot
One Poem—Tom Holmes
Two Poems—Claire T. Feild

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Number 5: June 2014
Editorial: The Fool on the HillGary Lee Entsminger
Three Poems—Diane M. Moore
Four Haiku—Gary Hotham
Three Poems—Ken Fontenot
In Performance—John Tomsick
One Poem—Nancy Aldrich
One Poem—David R. Cravens
Respect for Love’s Story—Paul Dickey
Four Tanka—Anne Carly Abad
One Poem—Annette Barnes & Stuart Friebert
One Poem—Stuart Friebert
Two Poems—Jan Conn
Two Poems—Jim Reiss
One Poem—Luci Shaw
Two Poems—John N. Miller
Two Poems—Chuck Taylor
Full Color, 68 pages, 7”x10”, $12.00

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Two Poems—Peter Waldor
End of the Circle-M—Neil Harrison
Three Haiku—Dabney Stuart
Two Poems—Michael Miller
One Poem—Gary Lee Entsminger
Two Poems—W.P. Osborn
Number 6: September 2014
Editorial: The Fool on the HillGary Lee Entsminger
One Poem—Barbara Schmitz
New Mexico Canyon Country—Jay Friedenberg
Two Poems—Gabriella M. Belfiglio
Poetry & Art—Britny Doane & David H. L. Burton
Steward of Time—Lisa Sandlin
One Poem—Michael Miller
Two Poems—Müesser Yeniay
Book Review: Adventure of Ascent, by Luci Shaw—Diane M. Moore
One Poem—Jean Zipp
One Poem—Gary Lee Entsminger
Lunar Eclipse—Stan Honda
One Poem—W. P. Osborn
Full Color, 60 pages, 7”x10”, $12.00
Number 7: May 2015
Editorial: The Fool on the HillGary Lee Entsminger
Three Poems—Francine Marie Tolf
One Poem—Don Mager
One Poem—John N. Miller
Coastal Visions—Jay Friedenberg
Two Poems—A. J. Huffman
Three Poems—Michael Miller
Four Haiku—Changming Yuan
One Poem—Ian C. Smith
Somethin’ Big—Neil Harrison
One Poem—Gary Lee Entsminger
One Poem—Claire T. Feild
Re-Viewing The Crying of Lot 49—Jack Starr
Two Poems—Diane M. Moore
One Poem—James Valvis
Poetry & Art—Britny Cordera & David H. L. Burton
Two Poems—Jean Zipp
Three Poems—Luci Shaw
Three Poems—Ken Fontenot
One Poem—Gabriella Belfiglio
Full Color, 66 pages, 7”x10”, $15.00

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Number 8: November 2015
Editorial: The Scarecrow—Gary Lee Entsminger
Three Poems—Eva Olsgard
Poetry & Art—Diane-Marie Blinn
Five Poems—Dabney Stuart
One Poem—Michael Miller
Two Haiku—Jay Friedenberg
Two Poems—Mark J. Mitchell
Color and Rock—Jay Friedenberg
One Poem—Jim Bohen
One Poem—Diana Woodcock
Two Poems—Peggy Aylsworth
Book Review: Notes on the Death of Culture, by Mario Vargas Llosa—Jack Starr
One Poem—Diane M. Moore
One Poem—Diane Vreuls
One Poem—Gary Lee Entsminger
One Poem—Jean Zipp
One Poem—Simon Perchik
Full Color, 62 pages, 7”x10”, $15.00
Two Poems—Grace Bauer
Two Poems—Neil Harrison
Two Poems—Sean Lause
Three Poems—Robert B. Shaw

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Number 9: June 2016
Chaco Culture, Art by Stan Honda
Burying Beetles, Prose by Stuart Friebert
Poems By:
Sudeep Adhikari, Lana Belle, Jennifer Campbell, Douglas Cole,
Susan E. Elliott, Gary L. Entsminger, Neil Harrison, Joan Mazza,
John N. Miller, Diane M. Moore, Scott Ruescher, Robert B. Shaw,
Travis Truax, and Jean Zipp

Full Color, 70 pages, 7”x10”, $15.00

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Number 10: November 2016
Featuring Poems by:  
Tim Suermondt & Martin Willitts Jr.
Poems by:
Francine Marie Tolf, Michael Miller, Lyn Lifshin, Diane M. Moore, Luci Shaw, Gary Lee Entsminger, John Harn, Gary Hotham, Jean Zipp, Betsy Fogelman Tighe, Tobi Alfier, Judith Rypma, William Derge, and Juanita Rey
Sea Quilt by Susan Elliott,
Where Was I?—for Tom Martinez by Gary Entsminger & Susan Elliott
Full Color, 66 pages, 7”x10”, $15.00

The Snow Guardian, 2nd prize winner in the Film4Climate Competition, features billy barr—charismatic mountain man who has monitored daily weather patterns for 43 years—in his free time. Snowbound for 9 months of the year, see what this refreshing, gentle soul shares about life and nature.

Set in the same locale as this Pinyon Review cover (East River Valley, Gothic, CO, 9600 feet), we invite you to watch the 5-minute video:      And check out billy’s weather website:

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Number 11: May 2017
For Jean Zipp  (1923-2017)
Poems by: Diane M. Moore, Tom Montag, Joseph H. Vineis, Brennan Scott Clark, Caitlyn N. Mlodzik, Edward J. Rielly, Carla Schwartz, Sara London, Elisabeth Schmeidel, Jean Zipp, Michael Miller, Robert Lake, and Gary Entsminger
Casino Man, Story by Neil Harrison
Great Blue Herons by Steve Friebert
Art & Poetry by Ernest Williamson III
Digital Paintings by Jay Friedenberg
By Invitation, Cover Painting by Les Taylor
Full Color, 62 pages, 8.25”x10.75”, $15.00

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Number 12: October 2017
True West by Gary Lee Entsminger
Poems by: Gary Hotham, Neil Harrison, Michael Miller, John Miller, Joshua Plack, Elisabeth Schmeidel, Stuart Friebert, Don Mager, Yuan Changming, Luci Shaw, & Daye Phillippo
Stopping By Words, Monologue by Kurt Heinzleman
Light Painting Water, Photography by Steve Friebert
Poetry+Art by Diane Moore & Karen Borque, Francine & Gale Tolf, Gary & Susan Entsminger
The Dream Within A Dream, Story by Bill DeArmond
Pines On Fire, Cover Art by Jay Friedenberg
Full Color, 60 pages, 8.25”x10.75”, $15.00

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Number 13: June 2018
MOONS by Steve Friebert
PHOTOGRAPHS by Rob Walton & Sharon Johnson
POETRY by Steve Friebert, Edward Friebert Jr., Gary Lee Entsminger, Rebekah Bloyd, Debra Bacharach, Charles Cantrell, Neil Harrison, Ute von Funcke, Stuart Friebert, John N. Miller, Bruce Lader, Edward J. Rielly, Susan Entsminger, John Abbott, Ed Meek, Diane M. Moore, & Michael Miller
FROZEN DREAMS, Art by Fabrice Poussin
MORE YESTERDAYS, Story by Thomas Elson
Full Color, 66 pages, 7”x10”, $15.00

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Number 14: November 2018
POETRY by Scott Davidson, Paul Dickey, Gary Lee Entsminger, Matthew Feeney, Stuart Friebert, Gary Hotham, Langji Tianya, Diane M. Moore Jim Morgan, Pan Yu*, Shanshui Ruge, Michael Skau, M. Vasalis*, Wang Ziliang*, and Yin Xiaoyuan
POETRY+ART by Steve Friebert
LUCK OF THE DRAW by Neil Harrison
STUDIO OF THE THREE ARROWS by Robert Elliott & Susan Entsminger
*TRANSLATIONS by Aiju X. Li, Fred Lessing, Yin Xiaoyuan, &  David Young
Full Color, 64 pages, 7”x10”, $15.00

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Number 15: May 2019  ~  For Chance Garcia
Poems by Alison K. Brody, Lin Marshall Brummels, Gary Lee Entsminger, Susan Entsminger, Ute von Funcke, Neil Harrison, Langji Tianya, John Miller, Diane M. Moore, Rebecca Newth, Mark Sanders, Luci Shaw, Wang Ziliang, Scott Wiggerman, Robert Wilson, Ye Rugang, & Yin Xiaoyuan
Out in the Nebraska Sandhills Paintings by Mark Sanders
His Hand Went Slowly Up & The Birth of Field, Prose by Stuart Friebert
Meeting of the Waters, Historic Photography by Robert Elliott & Susan Entsminger
Full Color, 64 pages, 7”x10”, $15.00
Number 16: October 2019  ~  For Gary Lee
Poems by Alison K Brody, Alyssa Duckworth, Susan Entsminger, Stuart Friebert, Susie Gharib, Neil Harrison, Hongri Yuan, Richard Kent, Michael Miller, Diane M Moore, James B Nicola, Toni Ortner, David Radavich, Robert B Shaw, Diane Vreuls, and Christian Woodard
Fiction: Turquoise Glacial Ripples by Gary Lee & Susan Entsminger;
Sole Survivor by Matthew Feeney
Art: Baby Lucy’s Quilt by Laurel Brody; Imaginary Art by Larry Fogg;
Beyond the Gate by Fabrice Poussin
Full Color, 68 pages, 7”x10”, $15.00

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Number 17: Spring 2020
Poems by Annette Barnes, Robert Beveridge, Craig Cotter, Holly Day, Stuart Friebert, John Grey, Mark Jackley, Zhimin Liu, Pawel Markiewicz, Mark J. Mitchell, Frederick Pollack, Edward J. Rielly, Luci Shaw, John Tustin, Frederick Wilbur, and Lee Clark Zumpe
Prose: Excerpt from Portbou, A Catalan Memoir by Marie Mercè Roca translated by Sonia Alland
Art: Seascapes by Liz Meer; Too Close by Annette Barnes; When Time Stands Still by Fabrice Poussin
Full Color, 64 pages, 5.5” x 8”, $20

Pinyon Review #17

Limited Edition Gallery

Pinyon Review #17 Videos

Introducing the hand-sewn edition

Readings by contributors John Grey, Luci Shaw, and Frederick Wilbur

Number 18: Fall 2020
Poems by Martha McFerren, Susie Gharib, John McKernan, Mark J. Mitchell, Matthew Feeney, Luci Shaw, James Croal Jackson, Tom Montag, Chuck Taylor, Paul Dickey, Kurt Heinzelman, Neil Harrison, Simon Perchik, and Bruce Morton.
Poems in Translation, side-by-side with Originals by: Marie Mercè Roca translated from the Catalan by Sonia Alland, XIA Haitao translated from the Chinese by YIN Xiaoyuan, and Paulo Oliveira Ramos translated from the Portuguese by the author.
Art: Lessons in Recursion by Richard K. Kent; Additional Photography by Liz Meer, Paulo Oliveira Ramos, and XIA Haitao
LIMITED EDITION: Hand-Sewn Japanese stab binding; Printed on Mohawk Loop Paper (100% sustainable, carbon neutral). Full Color, 70 pages, 8” x 5.5”, $20

Pinyon Review #18 ~ Gallery

From the Editorial:

We dedicate this windswept whirling dervish dream of ponies, aspen leaves, and oracles; of swinging scythes of light and cloud-kissed caresses,

to Stuart Friebert

who first delighted Pinyon pages in 2014 with his book of poetry, Floating Heart. Stuart united people through poetry and translation; through his intelligence, creativity, and kindness. Through Stuart, more fine writers, languages, and art danced onto our pages. And the ripple continues from that lotus leaf brushed by the breeze.

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Number 19: Spring 2021
Cured—Susan Entsminger
The Wishing Flower—Luci Shaw
Dark Matters—Gary Hotham
Note from a New Address …—Robert B. Shaw
19 and Me …—Matthew Feeney
Kintsugi—Mike Emmert
Chenieres—Karen Bourque & Diane Marquart Moore
Somewhere to Follow …—Paul Willis
Onion …—James B. Nicola
Seeing More Than You See—Chuck Taylor
Just Because—Robert Beveridge
The Fool—Carol Casey
Your palms are heated—Simon Perchik

Pinyon Review #19 ~ Gallery

LIMITED EDITION: Hand-Sewn with Wrap-Around Cover

Printed on Mohawk Loop Paper (100% sustainable, carbon neutral)

Full Color, 52 pages, 4” x 6”, $20

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Number 20: Fall 2021
What Dusk Taught …—Miho Kinnas & Andrew K. Clark
September on the Hill—Paulo Oliveira Ramos
not enough light, not enough dark—Travis Stephens
Traveler—Sarah Dunphy-Lelii
Daybreak in Sanur …—Rebekah Bloyd
Covidscapes—Cynthia Yatchman
Present and Accounted For—John Grey
Chow—Peter Mladinic
First Day of Summer …—Luci Shaw
Hike—Stephen Campiglio

Time Whisperer—Kamil Czyz
The Moss—Adnan Adnan
The Gravity Pleasure Switchback Railway, 1884—Roy Bentley
Lou Reed Wallowed—John Nicholson
Fragments from A Lovers’ Dialogue—Isabelle Lagny & Salah Al Hamdani, Translated by Sonia Alland
Kite-String—Russell Rowland
If My Throat Had All My Listening—Tina Lear
The Understanding Ocean—Lawrence Bridges

LIMITED EDITION: Hand-Sewn Dos-à-dos Format

Printed on Mohawk Renewal Straw Paper

Full Color, 64 pages, 6.25” x 9.5”, $20


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Pinyon Review #20, Fall 2021


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Fall 2021 Sketchbook

Pinyon Review by Hand


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Pinyon Review #20, Fall 2021

Number 21: Spring 2022
Sun Gathering
Horn of Plenty …—Will Simescu
Pantheism 1—Cynthia Yatchman
Spearmint—Isabel Saralegui
Unfamiliar Places …—Michael Miller
Aftermath …—Marcia L. Hurlow
Dying Workshop …—Annette Barnes
Wants and Needs …—Robert B. Shaw
Sounds —Paul Dickey
the wind’s new strength …—Gary Hotham
Birth in November …—Max Keith Sutton
A Heaven That May Not Exist This Way in Years to Come …—Ahrend Torrey

Handmade Limited Edition, $25

Color, 48 pages, 4.75” x 6.25”, Hand-painted cover

Printed on Mohawk Loop Paper (100% sustainable, carbon neutral)


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Pinyon Review #21, Spring 2022


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Pinyon Review #22, Fall 2022

Number 22: Fall 2022
Heart of the Shadow
Snow …—Geer Austin
Pilgrimage—Suzanne Kelm
The Schoolboy—Edward J. Rielly
Waiting for the Ferry …—Luci Shaw

Handmade Limited Edition, $25

Color, 40 pages, 3 3/4” x 5 3/8”, Hardcover, Hand-painted cover

Printed on Mohawk Superfine Paper

Pinyon Review by Hand


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Blank Journal


(3 1/2” x 4 1/8” x 5/8”)